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09.06.2023 - Meagan Drew
It's been five years since I began working as a nurse here in Canada. I enjoy using Instagram for fun and entertainment, and one day I linked with a Chinese user. The guy was amazing and informed me that he was into binary trading and that if I invested a small amount of money—say, $4,000—I would have enough money in a year to purchase a home and a medical facility. In due course I made a choice to invest, but after six months when I tried to withdraw, I was asked for more. Throughout this time, he encouraged me to keep investing, and I had already invested $100k USD with him on his broker platform because we were in a relationship, which really gave me confidence in him. However, it was too late to realize I had been scammed after he successfully ripped me off and put me in a debt of $180k. This really stunned me, and I wasn't feeling well at all. This experience devastated me because I put so much faith in someone and this is what I received in return. After speaking with prominent IT professionals, I was referred to Coder Cyber Services, which helped me retrieve the money I had spent with the false broker. I am incredibly appreciative of Coder Cyber Service's assistance. I'm glad I was able to recover the money I mistakenly invested. I'm applauding Coder Cyber Services for their great achievement.
To reach Coder Cyber Services,email: Codercyberservices@execs.com..  Thank you.  

06.06.2023 - Jonathan Anders
All of these brokers and account managers should be avoided at all costs. They took over $80,000 of investment capital from me, and they persisted in asking for additional monies before approving and processing my withdrawal request. In the end, I lost all I had invested. The customer service staff had rejected every attempt to contact them. Moving on was quite difficult and devastating for me. Thank heavens I listened to a broadcast that explained how scam victims can use Coder Cyber Services to get their money back. After contacting the provided information for advice, I received a response within a short period of time and was asked to provide all pertinent legal information regarding my investment. I immediately followed their instructions accordingly and to my utter astonishment, successfully got my money back. I declared that I would not keep this information to myself but would instead divulge it to the public in order to help all victims of scams recover their lost money. This is a significant victory over this online scammer. Thank you Codercyberservices(@)execs. com for your excellent work on this.

29.05.2023 - ethicsrefinance@gmail.com (ethicsrefinance.COM)

CONTACT: (Ethicsrefinance@gmail.com)WEBSITE WWW.Ethicsrefinance.com)

I saw a comment about www.ethicsrefinance.com on the web and I decided to give it a trial. Just few minutes ago, they granted my application and added $10,000 to my PayPal. I am super amazed that it works for me

15.05.2023 - Anka Adolf
As a group we had decided to invest in a long term partnership since we knew it would be a rewarding investment. However, we had little capital that we invested
in Cryptocurrency as part of a larger project at work and it wasn't just a few thousand dollars. Later we realized that all our funds had been stolen by hackers.
Devastating as it was, we tried to work with law enforcement officials where the money had gone when CYBER RETRIEVE was recommended to us. They are small contract
experts and they really helped us recover money back from the outsourced wallets and now we are ready for another round of investing and how we will get more
investors to subscribe. Thanks to CYBER RETRIEVE for their overwhelming hellp. They can be contacted on:

EMAIL: Cyberetrieve@mail.com

WHATSAPP +1{716} 545-4535

30.03.2023 - Dereck albert
Hello everyone, here is my amazing testimony. its so amazing to know that there are still genuine enchanter out there, i lost all hope of winning the lottery, I play all my time on the Lottery. I wanted to win. i almost gave up in life till i met a man called Dr Donald, i  met him through online   Life is busy so I play online and followed all his instructions, i then hit the big bag. Believe me Dr Donald is one of a kind. I dare you to try him and i know fully well that you won't be disappointed here is his details below:

Email: drdonaldlotto@gmail.com
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