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19.09.2023 - Carol Tee
Bitcoin Fraud/Scam Tracing & Recovery.

You can Recover Your Funds from Illegal Online Investment Scams with the aid of scam recovery companies. Captain WebGenesis, a certified Crypto Hacker with a US base who specialize in recovering lost cryptocurrency and assets, is who I would advise. My life retirement assets were saved by the Expert from an online fraudster. Any victim looking for an ethical hacker should get in touch with Captain WebGenesis to get your funds back.
Mail; Captainwebgenesis@hackermail.com
Whatsapp; +1 205 3361020.

12.09.2023 - WENDY CUTRONA
Testimony on how I received my programmed blank ATM card to withdraw a maximum of $6,000 daily.

I would without reservation recommend working with MR, FRANK RICHARD, My Name is Wendy Cutrona. Programmed Blank ATM Card is no longer a news or a new trend I've been reluctant in purchasing this blank ATM Card all because of what I heard about it online everything seems too good to be true, But I was convinced & shocked when my friend at my place of work got a Programmed Blank ATM Card from MR, FRANK RICHARD & today we both confirmed it really works, without delay I gave it a go. Ever since then I've been able to make a withdrawal of $6,000 daily from the Programmed ATM Card. I'm so excited that ever since I ordered & paid for the delivery of the Programmed ATM Card, I didn't get scammed & now I have been able to arrange my life with this Programmed ATM Card, I own a House & a business now kindly contact him today for more inquiries and enlightenment via Email: creditcards.atm@gmail.com
WhatsApp:+1(267) 393 6932
Website: https://creditcardsatm.wixsite.com/website-1

Your Satisfaction is their Aim and your working with them will be of a good experience, kindly contact them today for more inquiries and enlightenment via Email: creditcards.atm@gmail.com

➡️ Binary Recovery.
➡️ University Result Upgraded
➡️Increase Credit Score
➡️ Whipping of Criminal Records
➡️ Social Media Hack
➡️ Blank ATM Card
➡️All Kind of Loads
➡️ Phone Hacking.
➡️Game Hack/ Lottery Jackpot
Border us with your jobs & allow us to give you positive results with our hacking skills

Here is our price lists for the ATM CARDS:

Cards that withdraw $6,000 per day costs $600 USD
Cards that withdraw $10,000 per day costs $850 USD
Cards that withdraw $35,000 per day costs $2,200 USD
Cards that withdraw $50,000 per day costs $5,500 USD
Cards that withdraw $100,000 per day costs $8,500 USD

make up your mind before applying, straight deal!!!
The price include shipping fees and charges, order now:
Email: creditcards.atm@gmail.com
Whats App:+1(267) 393 6932
Website: https://creditcardsatm.wixsite.com/website-1
Copyright ©️ 2023.

17.08.2023 - ManuelFranco
I just want to say Thank You to everyone who supported me through the years. My name is Manuel Franco, New Berlin, Wisconsin. My story of how I won the Powerball lottery of $768.4M is a bit of a tale. I have been playing Powerball tickets for 6 years now since I turned 18. I bought my first ticket on my 18 birthday. I was feeling very lucky that day because I had contacted Dr. Odunga Michael to help me with the winning Powerball numbers. I really had that great great feeling that I looked at the camera wanting to wink at it. I only did a tiny part of it and trusted him. He gave me the numbers after I played a couple other tickets along with it for $10. I checked my ticket after the winnings came online and saw the numbers were correct including the Power play. I screamed for about 10 minutes because it felt like a dream. I had won $768.4M. You can check my winning testimony with the lottery officials just with my name search. Thank you Dr Odunga. Well, his email is odungaspelltemple@gmail.com and you can also call or Whats-app him at +2348167159012 so you guys can contact him


Get your ex back spell
Lottery Spell
Love/Reunion Spell
Pregnancy Spell
Protection Spell
Freedom From Prison Spell
Marriage spell
Killing/Revenge spell
Healing/Cure spell

Contact him for any of these today at:
EMAIL: odungaspelltemple@gmail.com OR Call and WHATS-APP HIM +2348167159012

14.08.2023 - messiahlionel2
Losing one's Crypto currency can be a devastating thing to experience, the
fact that it is almost impossible to recover a Stolen or lost Crypto coin
hurts more than anything. When a person gets scammed of their money while
investing in a crypto currency platform the only thing they can think of is
how to report the company and get back their money. Most victims of the
scam contact their wallet account provider, their bank or the law
enforcement, a few end up hiring a lawyer to sue the company but after all
these stress they still cant get their money back. Please everyone should
be careful where they invest their money. Cryptocurrency has made many rich
and at the same time made so many broke and desperate. Few weeks ago I was
referred to Wizard Ghost Champion Recovery and I was able to get back all
my USDT coins that were Stolen through their services. If you want to
recover your cryptocurrency that was stolen or lost I recommend that Wizard
Funds Recovery are reliable and trustworthy. You can also contact them via
ghostchampionwizard @ gmail dot com . I wish you all the best. They are one of
the best Recovery companies in the world .
Email : ghostchampionwizard@gmail.com
Website : https://championhacker0.wixsite.com
Telegram : https://t.me/WizardGhosthacker

11.08.2023 - Alice Howland

I was homeless and I had an eviction on my credit that wouldn't let anyone rent or sell to me. I needed to fix my credit and remove the eviction. Captain WebGenesis worked on my profile as I was directed to the Expert by my work colleague. Within the space of 3- 6 business working days, Captain WebGenesis removed the eviction, cleared other negative items and boosted my scores to 1099. Purchasing my new home was an easy and pleasant process. I highly recommend Captain WebGenesis for any kind of hacking service. The Expert is fast and reliable when it comes to hacking.

Mail Add Captainwebgenesis@hackermail.com
WhatsApp: ( +1 (447) 4420456.}.

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